curriculum vitae

equipment & expertise

  • photoshop cc

  • photoshop lightroom

  • mac pages

  • 80 wpm/90% accuracy typist

  • procreate for iPad

  • Nikon D3

  • Canon 5D Mark III

  • iPhone X


The Emancipation of Artemis | Artists United to End Violence Against Women & Girls

Top Ten Percent Photographers of 2018

First Place Winner | Portraits
Capture Cincinnati Photography Competition

Editor’s Choice Award | Pets
Capture Cincinnati Photography Competition


“When I moved to Bellevue, Kentucky and opened my new business, I wanted original art from a local photographer.  Fortunately, the Cincinnati area is home to Jennifer Summer, one of the finest artists in the country.  I commissioned over 120 canvas prints, and once the pieces started to arrive, I was absolutely speechless.  Each was even more extraordinary than the others.  I have traveled extensively, and I have seen the glorious sunset over the rocky shores of Sausalito, with orca whales dancing above the foam, and bald eagles flying over.  I have witnessed the wonders of the world, including the majestic aroura borealis, but I have never seen anything more stunning than Jennifer’s work.  I came to redefine beauty and art through this process, and I am beginning to see the beauty in all things, having seen the world through Jennifer’s lens.  Working with Jennifer on the exhibit I created in her honor was an extraordinary experience unto itself.  She contributed to every aspect of the process, including how the work would be displayed.  I could not be happier, or feel more fortunate to have her originals throughout both my home and my business.  There really is no more compelling a photographer in our times.” - Natural Order Recording Studios.

"Jennifer's new action set is every bit as beautiful as her spirit. Indeed, each action contained within this set feels as though it contains a little bit of her mermaid soul. When combined with nature photography, particularly those featuring water, this set produces results that are as rich and mysterious as Lake Erie water, as light and bright as a summer sunrise, and as classic and timeless as the most beautiful of beaches. Easy to use and customize in Photoshop CC, I find myself flipping back through old albums, simply to look for more images I can transform with the tantalizing touch of Lake Erie the way Jennifer sees it..." - Cassie Fox, professional photographer at Fox & Fauna.

"The Lake Erie Summer actions are wonderful! Not only are they super easy to use, they are also very flexible and customizable. You are able to adjust each layer so you can get the exact look you want. I highly recommend them..." - Lauren Rosenbaum, professional photographer.

“I have known Jenn for many years as a fellow photographer and good friend. Jenn has an amazing eye and her detail to processing her images to create a certain mood is one of a kind. To have a set of actions that re-create what she has spent years developing in her work is such an incredible gift. I absolutely LOVE these actions and can't wait to use them more. I was honored to be a tester and look forward to see what others create with them!..." - Jamie Ellman, professional photographer at scoutjphotography.

"Jenn does an excellent job of making you look great and, at the same time, getting you to show who you actually are. I would work with her again without a moment's hesitation. Highly recommended." - Zach Galligan, actor. Follow Zach on Twitter and Instagram.

“Jennifer is an amazing photographer!  We have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation for what she did for us at our wedding.  Her natural talent and artistic eye made for some incredible photos we will cherish forever. She has ability to catch small moments and details very well.  We highly recommend her!” - Chris & Kristie Smith