NEW! Photoshop Actions & Brushes!

Hello, friends! I am excited to announce that I have created another set of Photoshop actions for Photoshop CC. These actions are ones that I have created specifically for my scanograph images. I am absolutely in love with scanography and I love how I can manipulate objects on my scanner that essentially creates my own “dark room” and gives these images a deep, moody, grainy, vintage feel. Therefore, it’s my opinion that these new actions, called Campfire, work best on dark images, dark scanographs, and still life. I have not extensively tested these images on portrait photography, as that is not what I created them for. I rely on my Lake Erie Summers action set for my portrait work (though they work great on all types of photography).

Campfire comes with eight original actions + one bonus action that you don’t get to see until you complete your purchase (surprises are fun, right?). Today, for election day, I am offering this complete set PLUS my Lake Erie Summers set PLUS a Photoshop Brush set that I have created. You get all of these for $40 for today only. That’s a total of 29 actions + eight brushes.

Below are some examples:


These actions and brushes may be used for personal or commercial use. Please visit this blog post to learn more about the Lake Erie Summers actions that are included in this amazing deal!

As always, thank you for the support and love!


Over the last week, I have embarked on a project that I did not plan to do. I was playing around with scanography and the concept began to unfold before me with very little cognizant control on my part. This is the first time I have really dug down to artistically express what it's been like to be in a battle with my own body. It's going to take some time but the drive and motivation are strong and almost intoxicating, but can be overwhelming and require me to step back for periods of time. The basic concept is prose and imagery, all images being the result of scanography as a companion to all the scans required when one has cancer and the intense anxiety that surrounds both the scans themselves and the anticipation of the results.

I've included here an image concept that will be in this collection with a written piece about losing my hair (yes, I keep my lost hair in a jar in my office). I hope you'll follow along on this journey with me and, as always, so much thanks to my family and friends for all the support and love you show me every day.


© jennifer summer | 2018

© jennifer summer | 2018