that time I was a parisian call girl

Yet another entry for the 'WTF men on the internet' files. I'm assuming this gentleman was looking to scam me out of some money as opposed to winning my heart or showing me his genitals.  I don't know why my last two messages are showing as though he didn't read them; he did, and then he was immediately gone.  I'm assuming Facebook caught him trying to scam in real time.  Oh, well.  It could have been fun, Chris.  It could have been fun.

Typical Day as a Woman on the Internet

I literally get so many messages like this that a dear friend of mine has offered to help me start a separate website just to share the interactions.  If I'm going to be harassed, I might as well monetize it, right?  This one came today.  The pattern is this: I get a friend request from someone with whom I have no mutual friends.  I send them a message that is something like, "Do I know you?" and it goes from there.  I take screen shots and publicly humiliate these men as often as possible. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 8.32.44 PM.png